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At LAB, we take a child-centered approach to our therapeutic interventions. One of the most important aspects of any successful behavior intervention is approaching the client with compassion and understanding. Their wants, needs, and goals remain the focus of every decision being made. It is our job as therapists, parents, teachers, and caregivers to remain mindful of this as we all work together to create the best learning environment.

 ABA is the only therapy that has worked with my son. And we have tried everything! 


Original Language- German


Life has become enjoyable again, for my daughter and the entire family. ABA works!


Original Language- German

I have a 5 year old son with Autism. He has been receiving ABA therapy for two years now and I can’t even begin to describe the progress I have seen in him. He is now able to ask for what he wants and his severe tantrums have stopped completely.


Original Language- English

Our son started with ABA therapy conducted by Nikki Condit when he was 4 and a half years old. In only a couple of months, we noticed a great improvement, especially regarding his speech development. From being completely nonverbal, he started at first with naming objects. After a couple of months, he started using two-word sentences. Therapies that were conducted by Ms. Condit were specially tailored for our son, and all of the data were daily monitored. In that way, we were able to monitor his overall development. Ms. Condit was all the time very helpful. She performed her work in a very friendly and open way, making everyday tasks not just successful but also fun for the kids. And most important, our son really loved it and he was always looking forward to going to therapy. As it is always difficult for parents who are dealing with Autism, I would recommend ABA therapy, as it is proven to give the best results. And doing ABA with Ms. Condit is not only promoting great improvement but is also fun for kids and parents.


Original Language- English

Nikki Condit understands that my daughter sees the world in a different way. She learned my daughter’s interests and implemented interventions and a program that has shown tremendous results. Nikki has also been exceptionally patient with me and has addressed my concerns and my worries with great care. I feel she is truly only a phone call away.


Original Language- English

Our son has been receiving ABA therapy and that is where we met Nikki. To a large extent, she has been instrumental for the various day-to-day skills our son could learn which otherwise was difficult for him to grasp. She has counselled us also as parents on many occasions when we needed it the most. She immediately makes you comfortable on any of the critical topic you take and also guides you very smoothly through it. I would strongly recommend Nikki as an ABA therapist for children with Autism.


Original Language- English

“My experiences with ABA Therapy have been outstanding. Nikki and her team are a group of professional, experienced and highly effective therapists. Nikki has a wonderful way of working closely with the parents, child and school to encourage the most progress possible. We have seen wonderful results with her work on social skills training, positive behavior change and calming strategies.

School Administrator

Original Language- Englis

I can’t express enough how much I enjoy working with Nikki Condit. She is so collaborative and dedicated to meeting her clients where they are at and providing them with the services that best fit their needs. I am a school social worker and I admire how Nikki strives to form an ongoing trusting partnership between the client’s family and school. We’ve seen such positive results in our students and I can’t thank Nikki enough for her services.

Social Worker

Original Language- English


For your help and support in receiving the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certificate, I will always be grateful. You were and continue to be an unbelievably great teacher! Thank you for everything!

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Original Language- German

I am a mom of a 4 year old. My son was diagnosed with Early Childhood Autism when he was 3 years old. After the diagnosis, we were offered some autism specific support centers. I informed myself about the respective therapy methods, however, I was not sure which therapy would suit him. Most of the support centers only offered us 1-2 hrs per week. Since I was looking for a more time-intensive therapy, I decided on ABA.
During the initial consultation, I met Ms. Nicole Condit. She explained how the program/therapy works and helped me with the bureaucratic paperwork. My son felt right at home there and liked Ms. Condit right away. Ms. Condit is a very positive, warm and friendly person. The children here are always happy to see her. This pleases you as a parent and you know that the child is in good hands.
After a few weeks, the therapy started. It is a very time intensive therapy and takes place several times a week. After a year of therapy, I have to say that my son has made incredible progress.
What I like most is that the parents are involved and that there is a meeting every few weeks to discuss the child’s progress/exercises and to practice with the child at home. I am very enthusiastic about the ABA therapy and would recommend it to every parent to check it out personally. Thank you very much Ms. Condit for accompanying us on our way.


Original Language- Germa

In addition to the unconditional evidence base of the ABA methodology, the most important component of the adaptation of a child with autism is counseling and working with the parents and siblings, supporting them in the difficult task of special parenthood and forming basic principles of communication.
The preschool child spends most of his or her time in the family, and it is to the parents that he or she brings his or her anxieties, worries, joys and undesirable behaviors. Dealing with sometimes difficult situations for parents with an ABA specialist, teaching and training parents of children with autism how to behave, what to do or say, can give a new contribution to the child’s development and achieve an even deeper level of attachment with him or her.
We found our mentor and identified a program to develop, teach and compensate for our son’s deficits. At 3.8 years old, our son finally spoke with the help of the ABA methodology. Now he is 7 years old, he goes to school, and he is developing very adaptively.
I think that only our continuous work and supervision of the level of the child’s development with specialists, refinement of the program according to the results of certain results helps our son to find his footing in life and to add new wagons to the train of skills, knowledge and abilities. Of course, new surroundings and social situations give rise to new precedents and we get a new “instruction” for our boy and keep working. Thank you for your help and support, Nikki.


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At LAB, we take a child-centered approach to our therapeutic interventions. One of the most important aspects of any successful behavior intervention, is approaching the client with compassion and understanding. Their wants, needs, and goals remain the focus of every decision being made. It is our job as the therapists, parents, teachers, and caregivers to remain mindful of this as we all work together to create the best learning environment for your child.

Individualized Services 

  • Our personalized programs reflect that every child is unique, along with your family’s values and priorities.

Strong Collaboration

  • We consider you a core part of your child’s treatment and work together with you throughout the entire journey, giving you the tools, training, and support you need.
  • LAB supports team building and collaboration with schools and other therapy providers to ensure successful implementation of behavior interventions. Interprofessional collaboration fosters a culture of teamwork among the contributing professionals which heightens treatment adherence and fidelity, increases generalization opportunities, and sustains effective team performance.

Data-Driven Practices

  • We’re data enthusiasts who love the science of ABA and use it every day to guide and fine-tune your child’s treatment- and generate positive results.
  • LAB Institute incorporates the evidence-based sciences of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior to employ some of the most successful therapeutic interventions.

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