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A career with LAB means you will truly make a difference by helping children learn the skills needed to grow and become independent, while providing parents and teachers the training and resources essential to facilitating their success.

Join Our Team

Build a career that matters and makes a difference in the lives of families, while working with leaders and pioneers in the field of ABA in Germany who go above and beyond to support your growth and learning—and guide you every step of the way. LAB believes in developing a company culture where employees feel empowered to do their best. We feel it is our calling to work in this profession, and we feel passionate about what we do. 

Practicum & Internship Opportunities 

LAB Learning and Behavior Institute offers students the opportunity to do internships and practicum experiences with the focus of educational psychology, child development, and behaviour analysis.The students will experience a dimension of behavioral science that has not been taught to them in school or university so far, which will help them see the subject from a new perspective.