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“I am a mom of a 4 year old. My son was diagnosed with Early Childhood Autism when he was 3 years old. After the diagnosis, we were offered some autism specific support centers. I informed myself about the respective therapy methods, however, I was not sure which therapy would suit him. Most of the support centers only offered us 1-2 hrs per week. Since I was looking for a more time-intensive therapy, I decided on ABA.
During the initial consultation, I met Ms. Nicole Condit. She explained how the program/therapy works and helped me with the bureaucratic paperwork. My son felt right at home there and liked Ms. Condit right away. Ms. Condit is a very positive, warm and friendly person. The children here are always happy to see her. This pleases you as a parent and you know that the child is in good hands.
After a few weeks, the therapy started. It is a very time intensive therapy and takes place several times a week. After a year of therapy, I have to say that my son has made incredible progress.
What I like most is that the parents are involved and that there is a meeting every few weeks to discuss the child’s progress/exercises and to practice with the child at home. I am very enthusiastic about the ABA therapy and would recommend it to every parent to check it out personally. Thank you very much Ms. Condit for accompanying us on our way.”

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