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“I can’t express enough how much I enjoy working with Nikki Condit. She is so collaborative and dedicated to meeting her clients where they are at and providing them with the services that best fit their needs. I am a school social worker and I admire how Nikki strives to form an ongoing trusting partnership between the client’s family and school. We’ve seen such positive results in our students and I can’t thank Nikki enough for her services.”

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  1. Our son started with ABA therapy conducted by Nikki Condit when he was 4 and a half years old. In only a couple of months, we noticed a great improvement, especially regarding his speech development. From being completely nonverbal he started at first with naming objects. After a couple of months, he started using two-word sentences. Therapies that were conducted by Ms. Condit were specially tailored for our son, and all of the data were daily monitored. In that way, we were able to monitor his overall development. Ms. Condit was all the time very helpful. She performed her work in a very friendly and open way, making everyday tasks not just successful but also fun for the kids. And most important, our son really loved it and he was always looking forward to going to the therapies. As it is always difficult for parents who are dealing with autism, I would recommend ABA therapies, as they are proven to give the best results. And doing ABA with Ms. Condit is not only promoting great improvement but is also fun for kids and parents.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with ABA Therapy! We love hearing feedback and knowing our work has had a positive impact on your son and your family.

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