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“In addition to the unconditional evidence base of the ABA methodology, the most important component of the adaptation of a child with autism is counseling and working with the parents and siblings, supporting them in the difficult task of special parenthood and forming basic principles of communication.
The preschool child spends most of his or her time in the family, and it is to the parents that he or she brings his or her anxieties, worries, joys and undesirable behaviors. Dealing with sometimes difficult situations for parents with an ABA specialist, teaching and training parents of children with autism how to behave, what to do or say, can give a new contribution to the child’s development and achieve an even deeper level of attachment with him or her.
We found our mentor and identified a program to develop, teach and compensate for our son’s deficits. At 3.8 years old, our son finally spoke with the help of the ABA methodology. Now he is 7 years old, he goes to school, and he is developing very adaptively.
I think that only our continuous work and supervision of the level of the child’s development with specialists, refinement of the program according to the results of certain results helps our son to find his footing in life and to add new wagons to the train of skills, knowledge and abilities. Of course, new surroundings and social situations give rise to new precedents and we get a new “instruction” for our boy and keep working. Thank you for your help and support, Nikki.”

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